January 2020

Press Release
This press release provides information about the finalization of the project.

December 2019

Verification and Validation of IoT - VESSEDIA H2020 Webinar
The VESSEDIA team invited to the “Verification and Validation of IoT" webinar. The goal was to present the VESSEDIA project itself and its results in Verification, Validation, Certification and Security Evaluation of medium-critical IoT.

Verified in Europe
The VESSEDIA project created a toolbox which is freely available for European software developers to scan codes for possible errors that might occur in specific hardware and software configurations. The toolbox gives them the ability to quickly pinpoint and repair problems. If the code is verified by the VESSEDIA tool set, manufacturers can brand it with the “Verified in Europe” label created by the VESSEDIA project. Users of devices equipped with software which has the “Verified in Europe” label can trust in its integrity knowing that it runs verified code. The “Verified in Europe” label will build confidence knowing that software-driven products shall work seamlessly and without compromise.

November 2019

VESSEDIA - Interview with Bart Jacobs
Interview with Bart Jacobs from KU Leuven, Belgium, talking about the VESSEDIA H2020 Project.

Oktober 2019

Podcast with Bart Jacobs from KU Leuven
During the VESSEDIA technical meeting in late September at the Technikon headquarters in Villach Austria, the Technikon media team sat down with Bart Jacobs to discuss the project. Why is VESSEDIA important and what tangibles can we expect? Find out in the latest podcast. Listen here by clicking the link below or go to wherever you get your podcasts and search for Euvation.


VESSEDIA - Enhancing safety and security of information and communication technology
The VESSEDIA Project will end by the end of this year but some tangibles will remain after the project wraps up. Find out more about it in our informative but short explanation

VESSEDIA - Interview Franck Sadmi
Franck Sadmi from ANSSI (previously Bureau Veritas Group) and Advisory Board Member of the project is providing insights and underlines the importance of the project.

September 2018

Newsletter Issue 3
The third newsletter gives an update on the project status, contains a report on the last f2f meeting in Leuven and an overview on the submitted Deliverables in M18.

February 2018

Newsletter Issue 2
The second newsletter summarizes the technical meetings and gives insights into the technical progress of the projects. Furthermore, the most recent standardisation activities are described and past and upcoming events are listed.

November 2017

The video was designed to provide some general information about the project and its partners, to highlight its objectives and innovations, and to give an overview of the work structure.

July 2017

The project poster was designed in order to use it for different dissemination activities such as conferences, workshops and presentations.

May 2017

Newsletter Issue 1
The first newsletter provides an overview of the main project information, as well as further information about the technical approach, ongoing activities and meetings.

March 2017

Austrian Press Release
This press release was published in Austria and announces the VESSEDIA project.

February 2017

VESSEDIA General Presentation
General presentation about the project.

The leaflet is one of our tailored dissemination materials capable of reaching a broad audience (mainly used for fairs and project meetings).

January 2017

VESSEDIA Announcement Letter
The announcement letter was released at the project start and provides first information about the scope of VESSEDIA.