Verification and Validation of IoT - VESSEDIA H2020 Webinar

The VESSEDIA team invites you to the “Verification and Validation of IoT” webinar to be held on the 9th December 2019 from 2 to 4 p.m. CET.

This webinar is organised by the European Union H2020 project VESSEDIA (Verification Engineering of Safety and Security Critical Industrial Applications)
and aims to present the VESSEDIA project itself and its results in Verification, Validation, Certification and Security Evaluation of medium-criticality IoT.

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Welcome Armand Puccetti (CEA)
Introduction to the VESSEDIA project - Research topics - Video Armand Puccetti (CEA)
Formal Methods for software security - Video Allan Blanchard (CEA)
Frama-C toolkit for safety and security assessment - Video Virgile Prevosto (CEA) & Jens Gerlach (Fraunhofer FOKUS)
VeriFast toolkit - Video Bart Jacobs (KU Leuven)
Fuzzing techniques for safety and security detection - Video Gergely Eberhardt (Search-Lab)
The Cursor Method - Video Dillon Pariente (Dassault Aviation)
ISO standard 23643 - objectives and V&V tools classification - Video Pekka Forselius (Turku University of Applied Sciences)
VESSEDIA - The Security Certification Levels Assessment Scheme for IoT - Video Balász Berkes t (Search-Lab)
Verified in Europe - Video Emmanuel Querrec (Turku University of Applied Sciences)
Q&A All project partners
Closing Armand Puccetti (CEA)