From 6th to 7th May2018 the 33rd Plenary Meeting of ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 7 took place in New Delhi, India. Partner TUAS participated for VESSEDISA.

VESSEDIA standardisation work is progressing very well now, since the agreement of the basic concepts, such as use cases and tool categories, got reached among the VESSEDIA partners through serious conversations in recent Turku and Berlin workshops. Name of our ‘own’ ISO/IEC standard is “Capabilities of software safety and security verification tools”. The ISO/JTC1 subcommittee SC7 held its Plenary and working group meetings in New Delhi, India, from May 6 to 11. The ISO project editor Pekka Forselius introduced the concepts and current status of our standard to WG4 experts and updated the version with attending co-editors to get it ready for combined NWIP (New Work Item Proposal) and CD (Committee Draft) ballot. Before the official ISO ballot, which is supposed to be started in July, the VESSEDIA partners and the SC7/WG4 experts are offered an opportunity (or requested) to review the document once more and to give final comments to the editors. These comments are due to June 21, to keep the standardisation work on ISO track.