From 22nd to 23rd November 2017 the second VESSEDIA Technical Meeting took place in Turku, Finland at Turku University of Applied Sciences (TUAS).

The first day started with a general project status update, highlights and a future outlook. Afterwards, the current developments of the three use cases Contiki-OS, aircrafts maintenance system and 6LowPAN were presented and discussed. After the lunch break the AB members were warmly welcomed and were introduced to the VESSEDIA project. Fruitful discussions took place which will be beneficial for the future project progress. The VESSEDIA team received valuable feedback and comments to different aspects, such as usability, standardisation approaches or existing solutions.

The next day was dedicated for a standardisation workshop, which provided an insight in the ISO Standardization, as well as current standardization work and towards a new ISO standard called “Software and Systems Engineering - Capabilities of Software Safety and Security Verification Tools”. Moreover, entities and the entity relationship (ER) model, as well as the common use of verifications tools and tool categories have been discussed. After lunch and some very engaging discussions the AB members made their farewells. The consortium wrapped-up the AB meeting and reflected on the helpful AB feedback. Following this, the partners presented their work progress and next steps. Finally, the consortium started the upcoming meeting preparation, clarified some general administrative and  management issues and summed up the main action items agreed during the meeting. All in all, it was a very successful and engaging meeting, providing many inputs that will be used for further research and developments within the VESSEDIA project.

group picture Turku

standardisation workshop Turku